There's sand in my fingers, And sand in my toes, There's sand up my bottom, And sand in my nose!!
Its taken hard work and effort to get Buttons Dog to stay still for long enough for us to take his picture for this site!! A faithful and friendly livewire Buttons Dog is all geared up to become your very best friend. His adorable floppy ears are just made for stroking and snuggling up to, and keeping him still for 5 minutes - good luck with that one!!!
So how to describe Buttons Monkey? Well not surprisingly he is as cheeky as you would imagine any monkey would be. Quick to smile and always looking like he is on the verge of telling a joke to make you laugh, all he wants to do is make you happy - resistance is futile, I'm afraid that this loveable character will have you smitten in minutes!!!
Brand New Buttons Dinosaurs!

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