So how to describe Buttons Monkey? Well not surprisingly he is as cheeky as you would imagine any monkey would be. Quick to smile and always looking like he is on the verge of telling a joke to make you laugh, all he wants to do is make you happy - resistance is futile, I'm afraid that this loveable character will have you smitten in minutes!!!
Lovely is the only way to describe Buttons Hippo, just lovely. He is soft, cuddly, caring and so kind hearted that you couldn't ask for a better friend. Buttons Hippo cannot do enough for you, he just loves to make you feel happy by giving you the very best cuddles he possibly can - and believe me, they are GOOD!!!
Oh Buttons do be careful, There are angry crabs in there If one of those grabs your nose You'll be a very sore bear!
Buttons at the Farm

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